Moving our office

We’re moving in early January.

Plain English Technology Services is moving business operations to 4071 Hannegan Road, Suite R.

After just one year at our current location, we have outgrown it. We are moving our offices and all operations to 4071 Hannegan Road, Suite R. Our existing office had less than 140sqft of room to work. Our new one, at 1100sqft, will give us the space necessary to separate repair and other hardware related work from offices and meeting areas. This means better security for equipment, and a friendlier environment for our customers.

This move comes with another major benefit. This space is big enough for us to share it with FizzPOP Media. FizzPOP Media is our preferred marketing and web design agency, and one of our most important partners. Brian, Dana, and the rest of the FizzPOP Media team have done an incredible job for Plain English Technology Services and our customers.

Our relationship with FizzPOP Media began when they saw the value of joining our Business Networking International (BNI) Group. Their commitment to an incredibly high standard of work sets FizzPOP Media apart from other marking and web companies. We have worked with many web developers, and none compare to the fine folks at FizzPOP. We are excited and proud to share a space with them.

Our new office is nearby some of our other partners too. Radley Muller Photography and HomePort Interiors are both nextdoor to our new space. Both business are BNI members, and HomePort Interiors will be providing interior design consulting as we build out and furnish our new space. See the pictures below to get an idea of what we’re working with, and stay tuned to our blog to see how we transform this space into a functional office.

We know this office will help us serve our customers better, and we’re excited to share it with you. Expect a grand opening sometime in the first quarter.

Moving into our new office. A "before" view.

A “before” view of the new office we’re moving into in early January. Stay tuned for the “after” shot!


Office Painting Complete

The paint goes on the wall.

We have completed the improvements in our new office.

We have completed the improvements in our new office.