Should You Uninstall QuickTime for Windows? The Answer is YES!

Uninstall QuickTime for Windows

The Zero Day Initiative, founded by TippingPoint, a program created to reward security researchers for responsibly disclosing vulnerabilities, has announced two recently discovered vulnerabilities in the popular software QuickTime for Windows.  And, as Apple is no longer updating QuickTime for Windows, these newly discovered vulnerabilities will not be patched.

As a result of these vulnerabilities, the Department of Homeland Security has issued an advisory recommending the removal of QuickTime on Windows systems. The DHS says “the only mitigation” is to remove the software, or else risk “loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of data, as well as damage to system resources or business assets.”

QuickTime on Apple systems will continue to be updated and is not impacted by the vulnerabilities recently discovered in the Windows version of the software.

We strongly recommend that users remove QuickTime from their Windows systems immediately. Current customers who participate in our managed services program do not need to take any action.   We have already taken action on your behalf and have removed the software from your  systems.

If you have questions regarding how to remove the software from your system, or if you would like to inquire about our proactive approach to managing our customers’ systems, visit our contact page or call (360) 545-4033.