Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Business WiFi?

Wireless networking, or WiFi, is a ubiquitous technology used by many of us in our businesses. Wireless networking is convenient because it ties our networks, printers, and other devices together without the mess of cords and wires like in the past. Do you know if you are getting the most out of your business internet?

Many businesses offer a guest WiFi network, which is important to security. But if you are paying for that internet connection, shouldn’t you be getting the most out of it? Ask us about a required Facebook check-in upon a guest WiFi connection!

When it comes to equipment malfunction, many employees experience changes in connection strength depending on their physical location in the office, leaving people vying for a position that is nearest the router.

More annoying still is the “spotty” or intermittent wireless internet connection that can leave an employee refreshing pages over and over, or simply waiting.

Hiring a professional to evaluate the physical placement of your equipment, as well as the strength and security of your router, can actually save you in potential security risks while helping you to better connect with your customers.

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