Is Your Spam Filter Doing It’s Job?

The Importance of Spam Filters

We all use email as one of the main ways we communicate with customers, friends and family.

As a result, we all know what spam email is and may even receive it on a regular basis. The fact that we do receive it on a potentially regular basis is exactly why it’s vitally important to ensure security and productivity in your business, with the use of a spam filter.

Basically, a spam filter is a program that detects unsolicited and presumed unwanted emails and prevents those emails from reaching your inbox.

Without a spam filter, your business runs several risks, the least of which is productivity.  If your business is continuously receiving spam email, you and your employees can become distracted by these emails, or even miss important emails that get buried in spam.

Email security is also at risk when your email is left open to spam email.  Much of the spam email you receive today contains malicious software that your users could inadvertently download to their company computer system, causing potential damage to your system and files.

Some spam emails contain programs that, once downloaded, will actually collect information from your system. This information can include proprietary information, client information and even financial information, all of which can be devastating to your business if acquired by outside sources.

The first step in your plan of action should be to ensure that you have a solid spam filter in place.  Next, is to have access to tools that can be implemented if you find yourself a victim of a compromised email system.

Plain English Technology Services provides ongoing support to clients, including monitoring spam filters to ensure they are up to date and patches installed as applicable.

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