How to Buy Better Computers for Your Business

Most businesses simply replace computers and other equipment when those devices cease to function, but this lack of planning can be more costly in the long run. For most businesses, the system of computers and network devices simply begins with your personal device at the inception of your business, and continues to grow along with it. The upfront costs of purchasing computers and software seems high, so the thought of having to plan the replacement anything, even in the distant future can be difficult to consider as you conduct your day-to-day business.


Today’s business-class computers generally have a usable lifespan of 3 to 5 years, depending on how you use them and the nature of your work. This is not to say that the system will cease to function after 3 to 5 years, but simply that the cost of replacing these systems becomes smaller than the cost to the business, of an employee’s wasted time.

Like a good set of eyeglasses or a nice mattress in our personal lives, our computers are something that we spend a significant amount of time using, every day. Without them, most of us cannot perform our work. For this reason, it makes good sense to ensure that not only is the system functional, but that the system is functioning efficiently. After all, you and your employees are using these computers all day long. Your employees likely represent one of your largest business expenses, anything you can do to help them work more efficiently could significantly reduce your and improve performance costs in the long run.

Choose Wisely

If you purchase high-quality systems that have specifications suited to your work, they will perform reliably and predictably over the course of their life. In a pinch, a good computer will be usable beyond its expected lifetime, and that’s the point. Plan ahead, buy smart, and when things go sideways you will be able to keep working.

As technology has evolved, so too has marketing. The average consumer may not know what clock speed is, or the difference between memory and storage, but they do understand comparative shopping. More gigahertz or gigabytes is better, right? Not always.

With the development of multi-core processors and solid state disks, the numbers no longer tell the whole story. The consumer cannot be expected to understand the nuances of the various technologies that make up a computer, that’s why smart business owners have an IT partner who can guide them.

Specifications simply do not tell the whole story for businesses. After-sales support is considerably more important in the business environment than at home. Have you ever tried to get something replaced under warranty? Even the best consumer grade equipment warranties require the customer to ship their malfunctioning equipment off to the manufacturer for repair.

Keep Working!

Computers are incredibly complex machines, and it is easy to take their general reliability for granted, but let me ask you this: what would happen if one of your key employee’s systems failed under warranty? Would you send it off to the manufacturer, at your own expense? How would you keep your employee busy for the 6-10 weeks that the warranty repair often takes?

Most business owners answer that they would hurriedly purchase another computer, and this puts them in exactly the same position they started in. They perpetuate the reactionary cycle of purchasing consumer-class equipment for a professional job.

Business-class computers come with a three-year, or better, warranty. The difference is not limited to the duration of the warranty, it is also evident in the quality of the service. Business-class computer warranties are often offered with a “Next Business Day” warranty, meaning that a repair or replacement will be delivered on site, on the next business day after the service call is initiated. There is no reason for the business owner to attempt to locate a replacement computer, no reason to ask the employee to use their personal equipment, and no reason to feel stress. The problem will be taken care of.

Be prepared for the greater cost of professional grade hardware. Better equipment, increased reliability, and faster service come at a price, but if your business is performing at its best, very rarely does that increased cost eclipse the cost of downtime.

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