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Providing a Layered Defense to Protect your business

We craft individual technology solutions to fit your unique needs. From anti-virus to disaster recovery, we build a multi-level safeguard to not only protect your information but to ensure your systems peak performance.

Remotely managing your IT to prevent costly downtime

Rather than paying the salary of a full-time IT employee, we want to be your out of house in house IT department. By monitoring your systems around the clock, we can solve issues before they can cause downtime to your business.

Using technology to grow your business

By reducing downtime and protecting your information, we help your business stay up and running efficiently. But we also look forward to the future of your business. With regularly scheduled planning meetings, we use technology to help your business achieve its goals faster than you thought.

Business IT Solutions


Have a question? Don’t worry about expensive support calls with our comprehensive help desk. With a managed services plan, we can resolve your issues quickly and completely, all free of charge.


Keep up to date on your correspondence, even when your mail server is down. With our email continuity service, we can ensure that your email is available to you everywhere, all the time, even during a disaster.

Network Security

It’s not just viruses that can cause your business to experience down time. We build a layered defense for your network to prevent any unauthorized usage and provide a secure business platform.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud storage can take your sensitive data and store it securely off-site, alleviating you of the cost and management of your business information.

Education and Training

We want your employees to have the tools to solve issues without costing company time. We provide documentation and procedure manuals to your management team, making on-boarding new employees and training existing ones easy.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster, how safe is your data? With our backup system, you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe and secure in our servers, ready to be restored whenever you need it.

Business Phone Solutions

We provide a series of plans created to fit the needs of your growing business based on size, users and growth objectives.

Business Continuity

We provide a series of plans created to fit the needs of your growing business based on size, users and growth objectives.

Do we live up to the hype?

Take it from a few of our current customers

Ezra is an extremely talented IT professional, working autonomously on many different levels of various projects. His straightforward approach to support ensures that clients do not feel overwhelmed by their own requirements. Ezra’s flexibility between the Macintosh and Windows environments vastly increases his utility. I’ve not met anyone I would more highly recommend for your support needs.

Alexander Wall
Alexander WallIT Security Analyst at Optum Technology